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RED Gemini S35 5k
      -7" DSMC2 Red Touch, 5” Red Touch
      -DSMC2 Side Handle
      -2x 512gb mini mag, 2x 240gb mini mag
      -PL Mount, Canon EF Mount
      -WC Bridgeplate & Dovetail
      -10x Switronix Hypercore w/ 4-bay charger

Zeiss Super Speed MKI
      -18mm f1.3
      -25mm f1.3
      -35mm f1.3
      -50mm f1.3
      -85mm f1.3

Camera Support
       -SmallHD 17" Monitor - 1703 P3X w/ sunhood
-SmallHD 7” Ultrabright monitor
       -Teradek Bolt 500 2:1 SDI + HDMI
       -Movi M15 w/ ring
       -Tilta Nucleus Wireless Follow Focus
       -Easy Rig with Serene Arm
       -Sachtler FSB-8T Tripod
       -MovCam MatteBox MM1
       -Dana Dolly with 20, 10', 6' lengths of speed rail
       -Element Technica Mantis Shoulder Rig

Contax Zeiss Cine Moded Primes
      -21mm f2.8
      -28mm f2
      -35mm f1.4
      -50mm f1.4
      -85mm f1.4

Grip and Electric
      -2x Lite Panel Astras bi-color w/ soft boxes
-2x 4x4 Quasar Science crossfades
      -2x Kino 4x4 w/ daylight + tungsten bulbs
-2x Quasar Q-LED Q10 Battery powered
-2x Quasar Science 1’ Crossfade
      -2x Generay 360 bi-color
      -2x 1k Mole Fresnel
      -1x 2k Mole Fresnel
-1x 300w frensel, 1x 150w fresnel
      -10x 40" C-Stands w/ arms & heads
      -4x 20" C-stands w/ arms & heads
      -2x Combo Stands
      -2x lawn darts
      -Menace Arm with various lengths of speed rail
      -24x36 Flags, Double, Single, Silks
      -Apple Box family, Stingers, Sand Bags
      -Silks, duvetyne